THE CONTINENTAL QUILTS “C’mon (Get Back) to Gettin ‘it on/ Motor Sicko Fever

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SENILE DELINQUENT ROCK ‘N’ ROLL! Un grupo de viejos rockeros forman una nueva banda y no pretenden reinventar la rueda. Simple pub, glam, punk rock ‘n’ roll, eso es lo que ofrecen The Continental Quilts en su debut a 45 rpm para FOLC records. 3 chicos y 1 chica con chaquetas a juego montando un jaleo de cuidado. Formado por ex miembros de Campus Tramps / Coyote Men y otras bandas de 3 acordes del noreste de Inglaterra. (C’MON) GET BACK (TO GETTIN ‘IT ON) es un grito para que la gente simplemente disfrute al que le añaden un guiño al glam pre-70’s punk del Top Of The Pops. Gira el single y te encontrarás con MOTOR SICKO FEVER, la oda de los Quilts a un “tipo duro de uñas sucias, en libertad bajo fianza” y “Soñando que yo soy su Shangri-la”. La portada está serigrafiada a mano ¡y cada copia es una combinación diferente de colores! ¡Así que CORRE Y PILLA TU COPIA DE CONTINENTAL QUILTS!
SENILE DELINQUENT ROCK ‘N’ ROLL ! A group of old rockers form a new group and have no wish to reinvent the wheel. Plain old pub, glam, punk rock ‘n’ roll that’s what The Continental Quilts are diggin’ and that’s what they are givin’ on their debut 45 for FOLC records. £ dicks and 1 chick in matching jackets kicking up an unholy racket. Featuring ex members of Campus Tramps/Coyote Men and every other 3 chord band from the North East of England. ( C’MON ) GET BACK ( TO GETTIN’ IT ON ) is a cry for people to just enjoy what’s going on now with a nod back to the pre punk 70’s wonderland of Top Of The Pops glam. Flip the 45 over and take a ride with MOTOR SICKO FEVER the Quilts ode to a “Dirty nailed, out on bail Ton Up Boy” and “Dreaming I’m a Shangri-la”. Both songs are wrapped in a hand cut/screen printed sleeve, with each and everyone being a different combination of colours! So REV UP AND GET IT ON WITH THE CONTINENTAL QUILTS !

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