Johnny Casino – Keep On Keepin’ On

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Johnny Casino is one of the most admired and respected musicians of the Rock&Roll scene of Australia. He was guitarist and leader of Asteroid B-612, having a good success in the middle of the 90’s. He also leaded other great bands, such as the superband The Egos, or the American Johnny Casino ’s Easy Action. In the last years, he decided to contentrate on Johnny Casino & the Secrets, his best band ever, apart from collaborating with other great Australian musicians. This double LP is a compilation of the best songs of this wonderful guitarist, singer and songwriter, till now only released on cd.

1.A1- How could i ever love you? 04:23
2.A2- If you want it 03:34
3.A3- Trying to be your man 02:53
4.A4- Only a fool 03:47
5.A5- You got me walkin’ 03:23
6.B1- Nothing left to hide 05:18
7.B2- The country mile 04:20
8.B3- Keep on keepin on 05:20
9.B4- Cowboys and indians 03:23
10.C1- Take me down to the river 04:23
11.C2- New clothes old shoes 06:18
12.C3- Brother Grahame says 02:21
13.C4- I am who I am 04:00
14.D1- The road to Ithaca 02:59
15.D2- From lip to lip 03:21
16.D3- Cant be who you want me to be 03:12
17.D4- Can’t find my way thru the door 04:34
18.D5- Deaf leading the blind 04:08
19.Bibs and Bobs (extra cd)-01- The letter 02:23
20.Bibs and Bobs (extra cd)-02- The ballad of a thin man 04:22
21.Bibs and Bobs (extra cd)-03- Who needs you 04:46
22.Bibs and Bobs (extra cd)-04- Everybody loves me 04:44
23.Bibs and Bobs (extra cd)-05- i should have killed you 07:03
24.Bibs and Bobs (extra cd)-06- sunken treasure 02:46
25.Bibs and Bobs (extra cd)-07- new clothes old shoes 03:23
26.Bibs and Bobs (extra cd)-08- Outcast 03:03
27.Bibs and Bobs (extra cd)-09- Drunk and tired 04:48
28.Bibs and Bobs (extra cd)-10- Some day you’ll go 07:21
29.Bibs and Bobs (extra cd)-11- I am who I am (reprise) 01:17
30.Bibs and Bobs (extra cd)-12- Try a little kindness 02:31
31.Bibs and Bobs (extra cd)-13- Spicks and specks 03:12
32.Bibs and Bobs (extra cd)-14- When i’m gone 03:00

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